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007 JAMES BOND Complete 143 BOXED CAR / VEHICLE MODEL Collection! 138 items

007 JAMES BOND Complete 143 BOXED CAR / VEHICLE MODEL Collection! 138 items

007 JAMES BOND Complete 143 BOXED CAR / VEHICLE MODEL Collection! 138 items

The James Bond 007 Car / Vehicle Collection. ALL ITEMS, 138 in total! + 3 extra items (Tank, Little Nellie, Paris Taxi).

Die Cast Metal Models 1:43 scale. All Models are new and were never taken. Out of the Plexiglas boxes. Show all of the items.

Aston Martin DB5 (Universal Hobbies). Displaying the tyre slasher, after damaging Tilly Masterson's Ford Mustang. With target seeking bonnet guns and torpedoes, chased by Zao's green XKR. The Spy Who Loved Me. Underwater mode with full front and rear armory; shoots down the helicopter with underwater missile. The World Is Not Enough. Dual rocket launchers with Stinger missiles, moment before being destroyed by the buzzsaw-equipped helicopter. Bullet holes and damage from olive grove chase. Ice Palace chase with missiles and mini-Gatling gun.

Aki's 2000GT with surveillance gadgets. Bond and Natalya are driving when Jack Wade flies over-head in a light aircraft.

Xenia Onatopp's Ferrari mountain race with Bond in the DB5. At the French chateau of Colonel Jacques Bouvar; with water cannon and bulletproof shield. On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Bond drives on the beach to save Tracy di Vicenzo. Ford Mustang Mach 1 (UH). Tiffany Case's red Mustang Mach 1.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage (UH). Ski out-riggers and Q-branch weapons; eluding the Soviet military and the Police in the Lada 1500s. Hotel car park chase, all gadgets displayed. Car attacked but impenetrable to Carver's henchmen. Jamaican dirt mountain road chase with LaSalle hearse.

Commandeered at Passport Control from diamond smuggler Peter Franks, used in Amsterdam. The Man with the Golden Gun. Mary Goodnight's MGB; pulls up in front of the Peninsula Hotel's chauffeur-driven green Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. Aston Martin DBS V12 (UH). Car sent to Bond by M for use in mission; parked in Casino Royale car park.

Tracy di Vicenzo's red Cougar. Damaged in ice track race, with custom ski rack.

Whisper's Corvorado with dartgun that kills Bond's CIA chauffeur to Felix Leiter's location. Soviet General Orlov's staff car, Bond steals and drives along railtracks following Octopussy's train. Harbour side, with Bond and Rosie Carver. Driven through Auric Goldfinger's industrial estate, with bullet holes and ejector seat. Czechoslovakian police car, cut with laser by Aston Martin V8 Vantage. NSA agent Jinx's car outside Graves' Ice Palace, Iceland. Landing after the 360° rotation with Sheriff J. Pepper falling into rear seat. Driving through Indian marketplace, Bond shooting with Walther PPK on rear seat; throws rupees out to slow Prince Kamal Khan's henchman, Gobinda chasing him. Fiona Volpe gives Bond a 100 mph lift to the hotel. On filmset of Moon expedition, Bond drives offsite into desert chased by security guards.

Drive-by assassination, Blofeld driving with Irma Bunt in the rear; killing Mrs. Tracy Bond through windscreen of Bond's DBS.

The first car driven by James Bond in a movie, when Bond brings the recently deceased'Mr. Jones', in the back seat, to Government House. Range Rover 4.6 HSE (UH). Carver's henchmen chasing Bond and Wai Lin on BMW R1200C through Saigon marketplace. As Tilly Masterson accepts Bonds offer for a lift, after her tyres where slashed by Bond in the DB5.

Jack Wade and Bond drive to Zukovsky's club through derelict buildings. A View to a Kill.

Night scene with Pola Ivanova. Parked at roadside displaying Stinger missiles in boot, as Sanchez kills his financial advisor Truman-Lodge.

Parked in hangar bay of the Antonov An-124 owned by Colonel Moon. SPECTRE Agent Red Grant follows Bond and Ali Kerim Bey's son. White's Jaguar, parked outside his luxury estate; Bond shoots him in the leg. Felix Leiter parked in a KFC car park, near to Goldfinger's Kentucky stud farm.

San Monique police cars chasing Bond in the AEC double-decker bus. Scaramanga drives through the streets of Bangkok to escape from Bond and change into a flying car. Land Rover Series III (UH).

British Army Land Rover gets stolen by an assassin on the Rock of Gibraltar, Bond jumps onto roof in pursuit. After Bond ambushes the henchman and runs into the jungle. Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner (UH). As Bond drives through the streets of Cuba.

Oddjob, Goldfinger's henchman chauffeurs Mr. Solo, and his car, to be crushed. Picks up Bond and Vesper after Pendolino train journey to take them to the Hotel Splendide. Rio - Ipanema beach road.

Bond is thrown the keys being mistaken for a valet; which he uses to distract the security. In Colonel Moon's impressive car collection. As Bond drives onto the pavement chasing May Day through Paris.

Bond driving with Rosie Carver in the forest. SFPD police car pursuing Bond in the stolen fire-truck through the streets of San Francisco. Osato's men who chase Bond and Aki, before being picked up, then dropped into the sea, by electromagnet on a helicopter owned by Japanese Intelligence. Driven by the SPECTRE agent, Count Lippe. Before it loses its door in chase with the Alfa 159s.

Bond is chauffeur-driven from Drax's manor house to shooting on his country estate. Parked at the dock-side overlooking Bond rescuing Camille from General Medrano. Parked in at the Egyptian pyramids as Bond fights Jaws for the micro-film containing the nuclear submarine information.

Elliot Carver's henchmen that chase Bond through the multi-storey car park in Hamburg. Chasing Bond in the DBS through the quarry. Carabinieri giving chase to both the Quantum members in the Alfa Romeo 159 and Bond in the DBS.

West German police car pursuing Bond at the entrance to the USAF base for having stolen the Alfa Romeo GTV6. When their plane runs out of fuel, Bond and Kara Milovy escape as the plane crashes into the hills.

Just before its self-destruct system goes off, forcing Bond to use Melina Havelock's 2CV. Aston Martin V8 Volante (UH). Before Q branch winterize, Bond driving to meet up with Koskov at the manor. As Dominic Greene gets out at Quantum's meeting at the opera in Bregenz.

During the ice race sequence in which Bond and Tracy find themselves in the middle of. Bond gets into the car just after missing Kara Milovy with his sniper.

As Bond steals the car, to get to the USAF base in time to defuse the nuclear bomb. He is then chased by German Police in their BMW 518s. MI6 agent tails Bond as he is taken to a helicopter to visit Blofeld. Filled with Stromberg's henchmen the Taunus chases Bond in the Lotus Esprit down the winding Sardinian roads. As Oddjob drives out of the scrap yard with Mr. Solo's crushed Continental in the back of the pick-up. New York cab ride that leads Bond to Mr. Big, and in turn Solitaire. As Irma Bunt and her henchman hunt Bond down in the Mercury Cougar. Bond and Camille leave Greene's party in La Paz and are stopped by the police while Mathis is lying in the trunk. As Bond chases Ourumov through St.

Petersburg in the T-55 tank. Emile Locque and his henchmen chase 007 and countess Lisl von Schlaf on the beach. During the Thames River boat chase, Q's jet boat makes a brief appearance on land before going back into the water. Hector Gonzales' henchmen chase Bond and Melina Havelock in the 2CV through olive groves. Bond, Honey Rider and Quarrel reach an open swamp where they are attacked by the legendary dragon of Crab Key.

White arranges a meeting between Le Chiffre and Obanno, who is seeking a safe haven for his funds. The stable girls follow Sir Godfrey Tibbett in the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud to a petrol station, where he is strangled by May Day who hid in the back. Bond and Elektra King are attacked while they are on top of a mountain in Azerbaijan examining the King pipeline. Bond arrives in Los Angeles to find Peter Frank's casket, which has diamonds inside.

Parked outside the Queen's Club, Jamaica, where Strangways is shot and killed by the Three Blind Mice. Bond infiltrates a military base then escapes after destroying it. As Bond abandons Green in the desert, leaving only a canister of motor oil for him to survive on. Colonel Moon and Bond chase each other on hovercrafts over the North Korean Demilitarized Zone. Mercedes-Benz 190 Binz ambulance (Ixo).

At the health clinic Bond finds François Derval's body being mysteriously transported away in the dead of the night. Chasing Bond and Anya Amasova in the Lotus Esprit on Sardinia.

Drax's men show up disguised as paramedics and capture Bond and Holly Goodhead in San Pedro. Rolls-Royce Phantom III Sedanca de Ville (UH). Driven by Oddjob in Switzerland. Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II (UH). In Zukovsky's caviar factory in Baku.

Driven by Bianca after Bond released the horsebox trailer. The Miami-Dade PD police cruiser driven by the terrorist at Miami International airport.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II (UH). Before May Day pushes the car with Bond and Tibbett into the lake. Bond in Venice after the boat chase.

Bond calls M so that she can track Dominic Greene, Bond follows him to his private jet. In the trunk is the dead Obanno. As Bond is dropped off at Goldfinger's Kentucky stud farm. Bond is driven with the Police superintendent in this to Strangways' house. Bond's transport in Isthmus City, with Q as the chauffeur.

Driven by Bert Saxby in Las Vegas. Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe(Ixo). Kananga's henchmen follow Bond to the crocodile farm.

Aston Martin DBS V12 (crash damaged) (UH). White in the trunk chased by the Alfas.

No door, scratches to bodywork. Largo's car as he attends a SPECTRE meeting in Paris.

After fighting in the karate school. Militsiya GAI car from St.

Austin A55 Cambridge Mark II taxi (Ixo). Davidoff's car in Baku. Chasing the DB5 inside the factory premises. Bratislava - driven by the secret police who take Kara Milovy from the tram. Lincoln Continental stretch limousine(Ixo).

Locque's car hanging on the cliff edge, with Bond about to kick it down. Used by Soviet General Orlov as his Staff car to chase the Circus's train. Locque waiting inside next to the jumptower in Cortina. Bond is driven from the airport to meet Felix Leiter, his driver is killed en route by Kananga's henchman Whisper. Chevrolet Apache C30 1-ton stakebed truck (Ixo).

"I bed you on roses". With laser gun on the roof during the assault on Fort Knox. Bond is driven to his hotel on the Bahamas. This car is driven by a son of Kerim Bey in Yugoslavia. Wales & Edwards Rangemaster milk float (Ixo). Driven by Necros at Blayden Castle where Soviet defector General Koskov is being interviewed. Chevrolet Bel Air police car (Ixo).

Louisiana State Police car from the speedboat chase. On the airport, before Bond boards the presidential Lockheed JetStar. Bond's private car on a road in Scotland.

Bond is driven from the airport to the hotel in Rio. 135 ASTON MARTIN FROM SPECTRE. Paris, chasing the descending May Day through crowded street after being split in half. Feel free to ask about my items! All items are sent registered! PLEASE NOTE: All items unless otherwise noted are used and will show signs of wear.

We always try to describe the item to the best of our ability, but may miss minor flaws. Anmeldungsnummer im örtlichen Handelsregister oder.

Anderem Register: STEUER NR: 111 5235 4307.

007 JAMES BOND Complete 143 BOXED CAR / VEHICLE MODEL Collection! 138 items